Fresh out of the kiln!

Happy Autumn! You haven’t heard from me in a while because I haven’t been selling at any local markets for a month, and because I am off to visit my dad in October, I’ll be missing the Second Saturday Market in October. (I am looking into selling at the Mendenhall Mall Craft Market toward the end of October…I’ll post that info when I return from Michigan.) Nevertheless, I will post photos of some of my new products and, as always, you can let me know if there is something you want.

I have both large and small bottles


“O” for oil, “V” for vinegar
A small bottle


These bottles are all about 5 inches tall.
Butter dish


Candle holders


small lidded jar (salt, sugar, tea…)


A new market for Bird Nest Pottery: Food Fest at the JACC!

On this coming Saturday, August 25, I will be selling my food related dish ware at JAHC’s Food Fest from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00. Here is a description of the event (and you can find out more at the JAHC website:

Annual Farmer’s Market & Local Goods Festival

SATURDAY | AUGUST 25 | 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


The Juneau Food Festival is Juneau’s premier end-of-season Farmer’s Market, with a focus on locally grown and produced foods and crafts.  The Food Festival also seeks to enhance Juneau’s sustainability, with a panoply of opportunities to learn skills, techniques, and best practices in all areas of growing, harvesting, preparing, and processing all sorts of comestibles.  From do-it-yourself backyard gardening and raising poultry to exciting economic opportunities for small businesses, Juneau residents won’t want to miss this day packed full of targeted learning opportunities and delightful treats!

The Food Festival is also a marketplace for local businesses and non-profit organizations to generate revenues by selling produce, baked goods, and other foodstuffs with locally grown and harvested ingredients.  All are welcome come to the JACC and celebrate a cornucopia of delicious products, learning more about the bounty of the land and sea that is all around us.


New for July

Here are a few new pots fresh from the kiln. It is that time again: Second Saturday Market from 10am – 3pm at the Airport Shopping Center, by Friends of the Library. I will be outside with the other hardy vendors (the weather is supposed to be decent). I have LOTS of inventory, so come and check it out.


And though it seems MUCH to early to think about the winter holidays, if there is something you want me to make special for that seemingly distant time, NOW is a good time to make that request before I get busy. It takes about a month for me to fulfill those requests, but it can take longer if that item doesn’t turn out perfectly through all of the necessary steps in its creation.

See you Saturday!

Sneak Peek

It has been a while since I’ve updated this site. I’ve been traveling to visit family, and also have been working on commissions. Lately I have been working on some new works. Here are some of those:

IMG_1537I was asked to make an olive oil bottle, and after many attempts (it isn’t easy throwing something tall and slender without it weighing a lot!), I have been successful. More to come!

IMG_1540These are the place settings for a set of dishware I was asked to make. There are 4 each of the dinner plate, salad plate, pasta bowl, and soup bowl.

IMG_1544I’ve had many requests for larger mugs. In this photo, the mug on the left is an ordinary 12 ounce mug (for scale), while the rest of the mugs hold 24 ounces. Some people like a LOT of coffee!

IMG_1542I’ve been wanting to make a child-size tea set, so I did. The little cups are about 2 inches in diameter at the rim, and the tea pot is 3 – 4 inches high. Since it would be a bit “spendy” to buy this set for a child, someone suggested it would make a fun adult saki set.

I will be selling May 12 at the Airport Shopping Center. Look for more new items shown here as that date draws near.

New Year, New Pots!

I am back after a short break, and I have new pots. (The holidays cleaned out a lot of inventory!) New to the line: honey jars.

IMG_0971I will be selling my work at the Second Saturday Market Saturday February 10 at the airport shopping center down the hallway from Friends of the Library. . Valentine’s day shopping? Need to come in from the cold? Stop by! You can sign up for a gift basket of goodies provided by the Second Saturday Market vendors to be given away at the end of the day. (need not be present to win) See you tomorrow!

Second Saturday Feb. ’18 Flyer