Welcome to Bird Nest Pottery!

This is year 2 of Bird Nest Pottery, and this is all going very well! I have many repeat customers, have had steady requests for special orders, and have expanded the repertoire of pots that I make. It feels good to be using my creative “muscle” in little ways, such as figuring out a new way to decorate a pot, or bigger ways, such as finding new ways to develop my own style.

Thank you, everyone who has helped me so far, whether with words of encouragement, referring my work to others, making suggestions for new or better pots, and of course, by purchasing my work. Lets see what 2018 brings.

Check back in to this page occasionally, click on the ‘what is new’ link in the menu,  and see what is new here at Bird Nest Pottery! If you see something you like on my site, let me know. If there is something you’d like to see, let me know.