Welcome to Bird Nest Pottery!

After dabbling in the making of ceramic art and pots for the last 15 years, and “gifting” my creations to friends and family, I have begun to make more than I can give away. I retired from my real job, bought a kiln, and am off and running. If you see something you like on my site, let me know. If there is something you’d like to see, let me know.

I am currently working on throwing larger pots. That is challenging, but I’m excited about the results. One of the challenges is the fact that clay shrinks as it dries, and some clays shrink more than others. After a lot of trial and error and guesswork and pots that came out too small, I found that there is a tool that can help me compensate for that shrinkage: a shrinkage ruler. If I want to make a pot that is 6 inches tall, and 4 inches wide, and I know that the clay I am using has a 12% shrinkage rate, I can use this ruler to make sure I make the pot that much larger if I want to end up with the 6″ X 4″ pot. In the picture below, the bottom ruler is a regular one, and the shrinkage ruler is above it. Note that if I want to end up with a pot that is a standard 6 inches tall, I will need to make it about 7 inches tall to account for the shrinkage that will occur as the pot is dried and fired.


I didn’t make many pots this summer because of visitors and travel, but I did make a couple of pieces that were more art than craft to me. A favorite one is this bowl:

It hasn’t been fired or glazed yet, but if it all works out, I’ll show it in a future post.

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